Mentoring comes in all varied sizes and like most things in business and life, one size definitely does not fit all. Initially a brief meeting, Skype call or phone hook up is required to ensure your business/individual and Shane are a good fit. Shane is the first to admit that not all scenarios are compatible and he emphasizes that any money spent on training and development must be spent well – “bang for buck!”Mentoring is more of a personal thing, we cannot come into an office and just say do this and that, we need to set goals, projections / housekeeping and strengths / weaknesses.

Whilst categorising mentoring requirements for your office or an individual is straight forward, it is obvious where mentoring is required. We are proud to offer numerous mentoring packages from large departments, to individuals, to Directors and to Business Development as follows:


This is one of the most popular mentoring programmes, from running a planning meeting, monthly meetings, or re-structuring and being available for your team by phone or skype moving forward.


Again a very popular programme, whilst ongoing mentoring can be tailored to suit, Shane has designed a package that is ideal for a number of individuals. The “3×3” is where Shane will meet with the BDM(s) for a 3 hour meeting with 3 visit sessions. Following the first meeting, tasks are set then followed up moving forward. Theses can be extended if need be to 4 or even 5 based or your need.


These programmes may include:

  • Mentoring for Tribunal preparations
  • Office risk
  • New team members
  • Leadership training
  • PM knowledge for Directors
  • The list is long!

“The most important task
with mentoring is to ensure
it is tailored to your office,
your culture and your
individuals. I would love to start
or help you with your journey!”
– Shane

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